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Christmas, Christmas time is near...

Time for toys and time for cheer. So if you want to get your toys (camera) out and capture some Christmas cheer here are some suggested holiday light displays.

The most obvious one is the Tinsel Trail in Big Spring Park. Any night you go there will likely be lots of people milling about so there should be plenty subjects to shoot but don't overlook the less obvious shoots. Try some long exposure shots and play with the exposure time to get a sense of people moving about the trees or maybe even vanishing in the picture. Experiment.

Another big light display is a private one in a Huntsville neighborhood, and as I just learned, has been on hiatus for a few years.  It's back now, but only for 4 nights, starting this Thursday, Dec 19th. So get over there while you can. Expect a lot of traffic. It's 7826 Horseshoe Trail.

I seem to recall someone sending me something about a light display in downtown Arab but I can't find it now and don't know anything about it personally. If anyone has any information about that one or another light displays please let me know or post it in the comments.


Lastly, our local photography group is having our Christmas gathering tonight so please come by. We will have food provided, bring your own drinks. We'll also have a product photography tutorial and demonstration provided by our member, Devon, who use to photograph for The location is in the link above. We'll be there from 6:00pm-9:00pm.